Custom Software Development

Our specialty is designing and developing custom software solutions for MultiValue databases such as Universe and Unidata (from Rocket Software) and other Pick-like databases. We are proficient with SystemBuilder and DesignBais for user interfaces. We can also design and develop custom solutions for Microsoft Windows using Visual Studio for other databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.

Web and Mobile App Solutions

We can help your business have a presence on the Internet by designing a new website or by modifying an existing one to better serve your company’s needs. We can help find hosting solutions, E-commerce solutions, and maintain and administrate them as well. Our specialty is using DesignBais to develop web pages for MultiValued database systems. We can also use .Net, PHP, and HTML to develop custom web pages that will work through a standard browser as well as through mobile devices. We can also develop mobile apps for all devices.

Network Solutions

We can provide a variety of networking solutions – from simple projects like adding a network card to a PC or making a printer available company-wide, to larger projects like designing and installing local and wide area (LAN/WAN) networks using either wired or WiFi solutions so all your various systems can access the applications, resources, storage, and data they need.

Hardware and Software Acquisition

We can help your company acquire the necessary hardware and software solutions so your business can run as efficiently as possible. This includes but is not limited to items such as PC’s, mobile devices, printers, copiers, various information/data collection devices, as well as a wide-variety of existing software solutions. Our goal is to find the right products for the right price for your business.

System Administration

We can provide remote system administration services on a on-going basis. This includes but is not limited to services such as adding/removing users, adding/removing devices, updating the OS and applications, monitoring resources, and monitoring security.

Data Center Configuration and Installation

We can design and install a data center that includes but is not limited to under-the-floor and/or over-head cabling, color-coded wiring, easy to maintain patch panels and/or punch-down blocks, fire suppression systems, security/access systems, environmental monitoring systems, rack-systems, mobile work stations, and remote control access to power down and/or power up all the systems within the data center.